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My Girl(s) of the Night: Dark Artemis and Her Secret Identity, Eris Knights

Though I still have to write out her storyline and figure out powers and things of that nature, I was too excited about the visuals of my character(s) not to share. First off, here is Dark Artemis: Named after a … Continue reading

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The Perils of Being a Princess: A Review of What They Did to Princess Paragon

For my response to “The Four Challenges,” I decided to examine What They Did to Princess Paragon, a novel written in 1994 by former comic writer and Comics Journal contributor, now novelist, Robert Rodi. From the description on the back … Continue reading

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Birds of Prey Volume 3: Shaking Some Tail Feathers

For this volume, I am going to focus on what was most intriguing to me: the artwork and the layout. First of all, there is the cover itself. When I was looking for the 3rd volume of Birds of Prey … Continue reading

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Tittilation and Assets: The True T and A of the Comic World

In a 2008 publisher’s survey found that 90 percent of comic book fans and readers were male. Though female readership may be growing, it is clearly growing slowly. Even clearer is the fact that the writers and illustrators of these … Continue reading

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X-Rated – the Sex(ist) Reveal of The Dark Phoenix Saga

The pages of X-Men: The Dark Phoenix saga are absolutely brimming with subtle and not-so-subtle sexual innuendo, and though I do not find that all that stunning or interesting in and of itself, I do find it interesting when paired … Continue reading

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When Birds Go Bad (Birds of Prey V2)

Volume 2 of Birds of Prey begins exactly where volume 1 left off, in a battle royale pitting Black Canary and Huntress against the still unidentified White Canary. The panels are dynamic and spectacular; there is movement, athleticism and pure … Continue reading

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This Blog is Going to the Birds

Okay…this isn’t academic, really, but as I was searching for images to place in my soon-to-be-posted second edition to my Birds of Prey series of blogs, I came across this video. Were these two involved?!  Since I entered this new … Continue reading

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