My Girl(s) of the Night: Dark Artemis and Her Secret Identity, Eris Knights

Though I still have to write out her storyline and figure out powers and things of that nature, I was too excited about the visuals of my character(s) not to share.

First off, here is Dark Artemis:

Named after a Greek goddess who was the protector of young women, Dark Artemis roams the darkened streets in the wee morning hours, helping those normally ignored, forgotten or disregarded…the late night single mother waitresses, strippers, escorts and even prostitutes, those desperate and despised sisters of the night.

Because she protects this segment of the population, her secret identity is one that places her in the center of this dark and desolate world she serves. She hides under the cover of Eris Knights:

Named after the goddess of strife and of discord, Artemis hides her true identity under the guise of a stripper by the name of Eris Knights. From this position she can keep an eye on the young women whom she had devoted her life to protecting, and she can also infiltrate the very industries which perpetuate the suffering and pain of the girls, in an effort to elicit change from the inside out.

And before you ask, yes, I was absolutely inspired by The Dark Knight. I would say that is my absolute heaviest influence. But I didn’t notice what I was doing with the name until it was already done. I’m leaving it, it’s fitting. An homage to Frank Miller, my favorite writer of the semester.


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I am just a girl, trying to find her footing in a Super Hero world. Be gentle...
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4 Responses to My Girl(s) of the Night: Dark Artemis and Her Secret Identity, Eris Knights

  1. Melissa says:

    Major props on your superhero’s costume! Nice, practical, combat-efficient pants and boots. I heartily approve. 🙂

  2. Christine says:


    I really enjoyed reading about your super hero and hearing about her in our last class discussion. Although, just to play the part of devil’s advocate, why did you choose her secret identity to be Eris Knights, “the stripper”? I think it’s a great idea, although for the sake of playful intelligent verbal sparring, wouldn’t you say that the stripper alter ego is a kind of put down to the feminine characters in comic books? Is it not demeaning to have a super hero ( or anyone really) play the role of a stripper, even if she is a super hero who wears sensible boots and combat ready clothing? Eris Knights wears very little. Yes, her breasts are smaller than what we have seen in class in terms of how female characters are depicted but, the world in which she dwells is very much like the kind of world any male comic book creator/ artist would place her in. Had Eris been “cast” as a barkeep, valet for the strip club, bouncer even, or something that was less stereotypical of what an over-sexualized woman would be, then perhaps I would see her more as an alternative to what female characters are generally shown as. I know that Dark Artemis is the opposite and it is clear. She does not wear revealing clothes and helps those women that really need her (strippers, prostitutes etc…) but I was just curious why you chose her day-job to be the very thing that I imagined you being against. And, I only say that because the job of a stripper is very close to what many find demeaning and what encourages the role of women to be lesser than that of their male counterpart.

    That’s all I wanted to say, in regards to picking your brain on the character. I should have asked in class, but as we were so short on time I figured this post would be a great arena to do it in. I do have a few questions though for your design. I myself, also used the super hero generator, and I did not see any option for background? How did you add the background of the city scape? It looks cool, and also what accessory or image did you select for the face cover? Is it a bandanna of sorts? One last practical question. Your design for Eris Knights, what did you use for that? Once again, I hope you can take my playful questions lightly. I’m curious as to your response. I think the stripper gig was an awesome choice. In MY own opinion, even giving her bigger breasts would have been fine. She could wield that power quite well. I mean, isn’t that what strippers do anyway… use their feminine wiles to get men to submit to them, in one form or another? Food for thought.

    Great super hero! I really enjoyed reading about her. 🙂

  3. tristap says:

    Hey Christine.

    Honestly, when I first began this project, I was going to make it a parody, and that is what started the stripper theme. But originally the stripper herself was going to be the super, with stripper themed weapons, such as hypnotic pasties, a golden thong, etc. But as I got into it, I decided I wanted to reverse the roles. So I took a normal girl and gave her two aliases, the super hero identity, and the stripper one, as cover. I figured having her be one of the strippers at the club would do a couple of things: A. put her in a position that is assumed to be weak, and therefore arouse less suspicion than bouncer or something and B. place her in direct contact with the types of people necessary to conduct her work. Bartender could have worked, but they mingle less, and trapped behind the bar all night. I wanted her to be able to have contact with everyone in the crowd on any given night. Plus, I really liked the idea of reversing the trope, and having her secret identity, which is normally drab, a la Clark Kent or Diana Prince, be attractive, and her super hero identity be unattractive (or as unattractive as the generator would allow me. )

    I honestly don’t think the role of stripper in and of itself is demeaning, either. Part of my idea for this “comic” was the idea of taking strippers and prostitutes out of the stereotypical light they are cast in and showing them for what they are, which is oftentimes victim, of abuse, circumstances, etc. In my head, where the layout exists, the Eris character isn’t “splayed and displayed” (for examples of what I mean look at the “birds” girls in some of my other blogs). I would take care to show the side of these industries that is anything but sexy.

    Thanks for your comment, sorry it took me awhile to approve. I have been dealing with a sick kid since school got out.

  4. Sylvie Rancourt created a series of alternative comix based on her life as an exotic dancer:

    These succeed in showing aspects of the profession that are not sexy.

    BTW, I would guess, based on Christine’s own blog, that she doesn’t necessarily see a problem in making your hero’s alter ego a stripper. But it’s good that she asked about it!

    I imagine a world in which series creator Trista Payte leaves Dark Artemis and the series takes a nosedive, not by changing the plot but just by changes in artist and attitude that tip the comic toward sexploitation! Similar to the loss of Marston’s avowed feminist intent in the post-Marston Wonder Woman comics.

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