The Story of Dark Aretemis

Dark Artemis wasn’t always a stripper protecting super hero. She started out as a normal little girl named Annabelle. Her mother was of the single variety, and when she went out at night to earn the money necessary to put food on the table she never told Annabelle where she was going. She reminded her to make sure both deadbolts clicked and then she was gone. But Anabelle knew that her mother didn’t have it easy. Sometimes she came home with bruises. Sometimes there was blood.

When Annabelle was 13 years old her mother didn’t come home at all. No police came. No one came at all. There was never a body, just a void where her mom had been. But Annabelle knew her mother wouldn’t have left her. By now Annabelle was aware of just what her mother (had) went through in order to feed her, cloth her and house her. She knew that sometimes bad things happened to women who had to earn their wage like that. She knew someone had hurt her mother beyond the point of survival this last time.

And so Annabelle did what Annabelle had to do. She continued to go to school, so that no one would report anything to the authorities, but she also began to work, anywhere and everywhere she could. Sleep wasn’t so important; she couldn’t really do it anymore anyway. When she was old enough she got a job cocktail waitressing at the strip club her mother had worked at, getting close to those who had been there when her mother had been there. She came to them under the guise of her new identity, Eris Knight. She decided to dedicate her entire life to solving her the disappearance and probable murder of her mother.

Having no special powers to speak of, Annabelle began training athletically as soon as her mother was gone. She started for her own protection, but soon it became a way of life. Her work at the club, in the meantime, led her down darker and darker paths. She soon began to realize that there was an entire subculture of women that no one cared about. Women who were used up and thrown away, women that no one would miss if one day they stopped coming to work. People like her mother.

And so she became Dark Artemis. She vowed to help these women, so that none of them would suffer the fate of her mother. She continued to live as Eris, gradually moving up the ranks to “adult entertainer.” She made friends with strippers, bouncers, prostitutes. She continued her training, learning every kind of hand to hand combat she could. She didn’t believe that she needed any weapon beyond the power of her own physical form, which she treated as a machine in need of constant maintenance.

And she continues on, helping these women and children who have no one else to turn to. And she keeps hoping, that one day her night life will lead her down the right darkened alleyway, and the mystery of her mother will be solved, revenge, at last, will be hers.


About tristap

I am just a girl, trying to find her footing in a Super Hero world. Be gentle...
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