The Who and the What

This blog will be an experiment. An exploration. A journey into an unknown land.

I, Trista, will go where I have never gone before. Into the somewhat intimidating world of comic books. All I ask is that you, my fellow classmates, be gentle with me. I have no idea what the heck I am doing.

My interest lies in, and so I will most likely focus in on, the women within these comics. How they are drawn, how they are written, how they have (or have not as the case may be) evolved in the last 70+ years. I mean sure, I’ll talk about the guys too, but whenever possible, I will examine the females, from the female perspective. How novel, it seems, in this male dominated literature genre.

Warning: I will get feisty and fired up…’tis my nature. But it is all in good fun. So debate with me, educate me, that’s what we are here for, right?



One Response to The Who and the What

  1. bootyloverr says:

    I have only read a post or two, but I like the way you write, and your perspective.

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